The Haymill Foundation is a registered social enterprise based in Ghana and in the United States Of America. During the Christmas Holidays, the foundation supported Rising Star Home , an NGO based in Dodowa, a town in Ghana with some food items, toiletries and cash to support them with their work of catering for the orphans and needy in society.

This gesture by The Haymill Foundation was in line with its mission of helping the deprived in the society. Some of the items which were donated to the Rising Star Home included food items such as bags of rice, cartons of milk, packs of soft drinks, biscuits, detergents and some cash.

The team was led by Vera N. Addo, founder of The Haymill Foundation.

The team stated that this project is here to stay and going forward,they are ready to expand their horizon to touch more lives with the foundation. They hope to do more in the coming year with philanthropic activities.